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Morgantown Delayed Diagnosis Lawyers

We Seek Compensation From Negligent Physicians

A delayed diagnosis can significantly affect a patient's prognosis, especially in cases involving cardiac disease, stroke, cancer or fetal distress. When a person's illness could have been diagnosed while it was treatable, a delay can result in a serious injury or death that was preventable.

In cases of delayed diagnoses, the lawyer must determine whether the patient's outcome would have been different if the diagnosis had been made earlier. To be a compensable claim, the delayed diagnosis must have caused significant harm to the patient.

At Benninger Law, we work with medical experts to determine whether the doctor's negligence had a negative effect on the patient's outcome. We represent injured patients and their families in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. For a free consultation with a Morgantown delayed diagnosis attorney, please call 304-241-1856 or contact us online.

Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys will investigate the reason for your delayed diagnosis to determine who is liable for your losses. Failure to diagnose/delayed diagnosis is often the result of negligence or an error committed by doctors, diagnostic technicians or lab technicians. Two of the most common errors made by physicians include ignoring risk factors and/or symptoms, and failure to do appropriate diagnostic tests in response to a patient's symptoms.

Additional errors and negligence contributing to a delayed diagnosis may include:

  • Performing tests incorrectly
  • Misinterpreting test results
  • Failure to follow up on test results
  • Pathology or radiology errors
  • Defective medical equipment

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