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Morgantown Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

We Seek Compensation for Injuries and Wrongful Deaths

The emergency room is a chaotic place, making continuity of care a challenge. Frequent interruptions in patient care and communication affect the staff's decision-making ability and reduce time spent with patients. Despite these issues, doctors, nurses and other ER staff are expected to practice an acceptable standard of care.

If medical negligence or an error causes a serious injury or wrongful death, the victim and his or her family may be entitled to damages. Like any medical malpractice claim, it is best to work with an experienced attorney in these cases.

At Benninger Law, our attorneys have decades of experience with medical malpractice. We represent injured patients and their families in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. When you need skilled trial lawyers on your side, call our firm. For a free consultation with a Morgantown emergency room errors attorney, please call 304-241-1856 or contact us online.

Emergency room staff must perform triage on patients, determining who can be treated and released, who needs to be monitored and who needs to be admitted to the hospital immediately. A failure or error in this process can have devastating consequences.

Some of the most common ER errors include:

We will investigate the actions that led to your injury or the wrongful death of your loved one. If we discover medical negligence, we will work to hold the negligent party accountable for your losses.

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Please call our offices in Morgantown and Smithfield at 304-241-1856 or toll free at 304-241-1856 to schedule a free consultation.