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Firefighters recommend cautiousness on West Virginia roads

One of the dangerous aspects of being on the road in a lighter vehicle, like a motorcycle, is that an accident can lead to serious bodily injury. Being safe on the roads is important, but there are some dangers, including negligent drivers, that are sometimes unavoidable for West Virginia residents. Poor road conditions can also impact drivers. The winter season can wreak havoc on roads and lead to accidents with serious injuries for even attentive drivers.

Firefighters in Fairmont County offered a variety of tips to avoid getting into accidents in poor weather this winter. Poor conditions have created a variety of potholes that are difficult to avoid. The firefighters recommended that individuals drive safely and slowly in poor conditions. It's best to avoid potholes if possible, but driving slow over them can minimize any damage to a vehicle in potential accidents.

An accident involving an ATV or motorcycle can have a devastating impact on the driver, including broken bones. Other drivers on the road have a responsibility to drive carefully in poor weather on damaged roads. If a person is in an accident that is caused by someone driving too fast in poor conditions, they may be able to receive compensation for any injuries, property damage or pain and suffering.

The first priority after an accident is finding proper medical treatment, if needed. An accident can have long-term adverse health consequences if not treated properly. There are some things, including health, that West Virginia residents don't want to take lightly. Being hurt in an accident is hard and victims should receive proper compensation when it is someone else's fault.

Source: WBOW Channel 12 News, "Firefighters Offer Advice To Drivers To Avoid Potholes," Marion Kelsey Pape, Feb. 20, 2014

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