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Berkeley accident kills two and causes serious injuries to others

One of the difficulties of traveling in a vehicle on the highways is that a crash can be caused by someone else. An inattentive action by another driver can start a chain reaction. Such large motor vehicle accidents can lead to serious injuries, including a spinal cord injury, broken bones and other injuries that may cause significant impairment. West Virginians know that being safe on the roads is an important part of being a driver, but accidents can happen at any time.

Two people were killed in a large chain-reaction auto accident that happened along I-81 in Berkeley County. The crash was caused by a snow squall that threw snow onto the roads and caused low-visibility. Forty nine cars were involved in several crashes that happened between exists 20 and 23. Injured drivers were brought by five medical helicopters to nearby hospitals. Multiple vehicles were totaled, and two drivers in separate cars were killed.

A significant crash can happen at any time, and, if it is the fault of someone driving negligently, you may be eligible for compensation. A negligent party may be driving too fast for the weather conditions, failing to yield or simply being inattentive when changing lanes. Poor weather conditions can hamper the most seasoned drivers, but being negligent can cause even more accidents.

It is important for West Virginians to be safe on the roads. In the crash along I-21, it is estimated that 15 to 20 vehicles were totaled. When a person is driving a small vehicle or motorcycle, a large crash scene can lead to many injuries. It is important to be safe, and, if someone is involved in an accident caused by a negligent driver, to receive compensation for any medical expenses and other after effects of the crash.

Source: WJLA 7 News, "Report: Two dead in I-81 W.Va. crash," Kevin Lewis, March 26, 2014

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