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Basic Boating Safety

A fun day on the water can turn deadly when operators and passengers do not take proper precautions. Young, inexperienced operators and those who operate a vessel while intoxicated or impaired tend to cause the most accidents. People become inattentive while driving or do not look out properly. Are you being safe while boating?

In 2011, the United States Coast Guard reported 4588 boating accidents that involved 758 deaths, 3081 injuries and approximately $52 million dollars of damage to property across the United States. Some collisions and mishaps are caused by machinery failure, but most boating accidents are preventable. Some basic boating safety tips include:

· Wear an age and weight-appropriate lifejacket

· Do not operate a boat or personal watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol

· Have an authorized company perform a Vessel Safety Check

· Take a basic boating course to prevent operation errors

· Install a carbon monoxide detector

· Prepare a float plan

· Know your limits while engaging in watersports

Eighty-four percent of people who died due to drowning were not wearing their life jacket. The number one cause of boating injuries or deaths was collision with another vessel. Open motorboats are more likely to have accidents than cabin boats or personal watercrafts. If you were hit by another boat while on the water, contact a West Virginia boat accident lawyer.

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident on the road, you have certain rights. Likewise, you also have rights on the water. A boat accident attorney in West Virginia can help explain the legal ramifications of water vessel accidents and if you are entitled to compensation.

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