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Sheriff's deputy hurt in Berkeley County crash

An injury from a car crash can happen at any time, whether someone is traveling to or from work or simply going to the grocery store. The terrible facts about a car accident in West Virginia are that they can happen at any time and may be caused by a negligent driver. A car accident can lead to a serious injury that can have significant financial repercussions. A motor vehicle accident can limit mobility, wreck a car and put someone in a serious financial bind if not resolved.

A sheriff's deputy in Berkeley County was in a two-vehicle crash on Airport Road. The crash happened south of Novak Drive while the deputy was driving en route to a domestic disturbance call. The patrol vehicle hydroplaned on a wet road as it turned right and crossed into the oncoming traffic lane, where it collided with an SUV. The deputy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, while the other driver was released with no injuries at the scene. The accident is under investigation.

A crash often can lead to serious injuries. If a driver was negligent in causing a crash, there may be opportunity for any accident victims to receive compensation. Negligence can be exhibited in different forms, from simple inattention to roadside signs to excessive speeding. Even West Virginia law enforcement officers could be held responsible for an accident if they acted negligently in some manner.

Sometimes an accident can happen because a driver is inattentive to road conditions, such as wet or icy roads. A driver has a duty to be attentive as to the prevailing weather conditions. Obtaining compensation for an accident can be arduous, but it can also happen quickly if everything is laid out properly.

Source: Herald-Mail Media, "Berkeley Co. deputy injured in crash," C.J. Lovelace, July 12, 2014

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