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State ATV laws for West Virginia

All-terrain vehicles, commonly called ATVs, are meant to be used for off-road use -- but that does not mean that riders do not have rights in an accident that arises from negligence or a faulty part. ATVs can be used for a variety of activities including leisure and hunting. They are not designed for use on paved roads, but an accident can still be from negligence. There are certain legal requirements for ATV riders in the state of West Virginia. What are they?

As outlined on ATVSafety.gov, there are a variety of state laws here in West Virginia that must be adhered to when driving an ATV. All ATV vehicles must have a title; all users should be over the age of 18-years-old and have completed a safety education course. ATVs are not allowed on paved roads with a center line or one that has more than two lanes. ATVs are allowed to cross paved roads to get across and must travel between 10-25 mph when doing so. ATVs should not be used at nighttime.

While there are many laws that govern ATV use, accidents can still take place that leave someone injured and another party or entity at fault. This could be negligence from an ATV park trail with unsafe terrain. Even an experienced driver can have an accident if a terrain course is not maintained. There can also be recalls of parts or ATVs. Those faulty parts, like a defective brake, may lead to an accident as well.

For more detailed information on ATV accidents, you can view our page on Motorcycle and ATV Accidents. While state laws are designed to make sure riders are safe, a negligent driver or negligence elsewhere can cause an accident to your or a loved one. Exploring the possibility of obtaining compensation can help pay for high medical expenses following a crash.

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