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Providing motorcyclists with experienced counseling

Finding support after an accident is important for any motorcyclist in West Virginia. When a negligent driver hits your motorcycle or causes you to get into an accident, they have responsibility regarding the accident. A motorcycle or ATV accident can turn dangerous very quickly if a rider is forced off the road or is hit by a negligent driver in a larger vehicle.

According to information from U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over ten percent of all accidents on the road involve motorcycles. Motorcycle drivers are also over 30 times more likely to be involved in a deadly accident than those who are in a passenger car. The most common type fatality for motorcyclists is injury to the head. There are many possible types of negligence which can cause a motorcycle accident. These include lapses in judgment, inattention to the road, drinking while driving and speeding, among other issues.

A motorcyclist has the same rights on the road enjoyed by the driver of a car or any other motor vehicle. Still, riders may not always be aware of these rights, particularly after an accident that causes tremendous upheaval in the motorcyclist's life. A serious accident involving a motorcycle or ATV can end in significant injuries ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. Bikers have the same legal protections as other drivers; securing an attorney following a wreck can help ensure these protections are held in place.

At Benninger Law, our attorneys have extensive experience in holding negligent drivers accountable. The knowledge of Morgantown motor vehicle accident lawyers can mark the difference between suffering after an accident and moving forward. Medical care and other costs can add up after a significant stay in a hospital, but compensation is available to help pay for medical expenses and other daily living costs.

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