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December 2014 Archives

Fatal car crash kills recent WVU graduate

A car crash can happen at any moment, and people driving in Morgantown need to be vigilant about potential hazards on the road. Even the most conscientious driver could be in an accident due to various circumstances such as weather, the recklessness of other drivers or simply bad fortune. Regardless, any incident on the road could turn into a fatal accident. When there is a wrongful death, the family left behind needs to understand how to proceed when confronted by the numerous issues with a fatal car crash.

Prescription pill overdoses, a problem in West Virginia

Several doctors and pharmacies in West Virginia are facing strict scrutiny from a state review panel. The panel was created by the governor in 2013, and it works in conjunction with the Boards of Pharmacy and Medicine after writing and filling prescriptions that led to the overdose deaths of several patients. One doctor alone wrote prescriptions for six different patients that all overdosed in a six month period.

Three people dead in West Virginia after head-on collision

Three people died this weekend in a car accident on a West Virginia interstate. The accident was the result of one motorist driving the wrong way down the highway and causing a head-on collision with another vehicle.

WV coal executive pleads not guilty after deadly incident

Workers in West Virginia are aware of the dangers some occupations carry. While some jobs are inherently risky, certain safety measures can be taken by employers to increase safety for employees in the workplace. The mining industry is one that poses many dangers, and if employers do not take the appropriate steps that guard employers from these risks, a fatal work accident could occur.