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January 2015 Archives

Weather can be a dangerous cause of West Virginia car accidents

For the last week news outlets on the East Coast of the United States have been reporting that a major winter storm would arrive and cause major problems for those in its path. With it that storm was anticipated to bring snow, cold and other winter conditions that make getting around on foot or in a vehicle next to impossible. Although weather is often a contributing factor in many car accidents, drivers who endeavor to get behind the wheel during times when natural hazards are present are still responsible for being safe.

Wondering about medical malpractice? Call us

When you seek the advice and assistance of a doctor or other medical professional, you expect to be met with knowledge, compassion, competency and effective care. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and medical negligence occurs more often than we would like to think. Even worse, medical negligence or medical malpractice often has devastating results, including serious medical complications, long-term effects or even death.

Truck accidents are a real danger for Morgantown drivers

The federal government keeps track of the types and severity of different accidents that occur on American roads and highways. This tracking covers accidents involving cars, buses and large commercial vehicles like trucks. Large trucks are defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as trucks that weigh at least 10,000 pounds.

Doctor commits medical malpractice, faces criminal charges

Most Morgantown residents assume that they can trust their doctors regarding matters related to their health. Just as they would choose to work with an accountant on their finances and a lawyer for their legal matters, they may take time and care to pick the doctors that best suit their particular medical needs. Unfortunately, not all doctors believe in following the same exacting standards expected and required by their profession.

Medical malpractice statistics may be worse than first thought

When a Morgantown resident requires medical treatment and hospitalization, he or she is putting their lives in the hands of the medical professionals who will be caring for them. While the vast majority of people who are treated are given a high standard of care with few if any complications, there is always a risk for medical malpractice. Most don't consider the number of errors that are made and think there are fewer than there actually are. Research, however, has indicated that there are many fatal medical errors on an annual basis.