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February 2015 Archives

Seeking compensation after a wrongful death

Losing a loved one due to a car accident, medical mishap, defective product or other cases of wrongful death brings immeasurable hardship to the family that is left behind. Assigning a precise monetary value to that loss is impossible. However, survivors deserve the full protection of the law to cushion the financial impact.

Man causes several accidents when driving while intoxicated

A 49-year-old West Virginia man was recently arrested on several criminal charges after leading police on a high speed chase throughout Kanawha County. Numerous witnesses called the Sheriff's department to report that the man was driving erratically near Nitro Marketplace in Charleston. He caused several car accidents while driving a stolen truck, but fortunately nobody was seriously injured.

My child died from a dog bite. Can I file a wrongful death suit?

Many Virginians own dogs and do their best to keep them away from situations in which someone could get harmed. However, sometimes dogs get loose and attack children playing outside. These dog bites can cause serious injuries or in some cases even death. If your child is killed in a dog attack, can you file a wrongful death lawsuit against the owner? Read on to learn about Virginia's dog bite laws and the legal rights you have.