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March 2015 Archives

Traffic accident severely injures motorcyclist in Barboursville.

There's nothing like the rush of riding a motorcycle on an open highway. Unfortunately, that freedom and exposure to the elements also puts motorcyclists at much greater risk in accidents. One West Virginia man found this out the hard way recently.

Birth Injury? Trust these pros when the others let you down

The birth of your child is one of the most important events of your life, so you don't entrust it to just anyone. You carefully select the medical professionals who will deliver what you hope is a healthy baby. Unfortunately, those same professionals sometimes could be the cause of tragedy.

Car ride turns into lawsuit for two West Virginia acquaintances

They shared a car ride that ended in a terrible accident. Now, these West Virginia acquaintances will share a courtroom: one as the plaintiff in a negligence lawsuit; the other as the defendant.

What determines 'negligence' in car accidents?

What separates a simple accident from negligence may seem like a technical legal issue. But for West Virginia car accident victims, it can mean the difference between getting the other party to pay for damages and injuries or bearing those costs alone.