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June 2015 Archives

What exactly is 'pain and suffering' and when can I claim it?

A recent post on this blog mentioned that West Virginia imposes a cap on how much compensation a victim of medical negligence can receive because of his or her pain and suffering. While the phrase "pain and suffering" is often talked about in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, residents of Morgantown may still only have a vague idea of what pain and suffering really is and how one can receive compensation for it.

West Virginia limits 'non-economic' damages in med mal cases

Medical malpractice cases are often especially tragic for West Virginia families because they usually entail a betrayal of trust. A victim of medical malpractice naturally goes to his or her doctor or hospital expecting to get better or, at worst, expecting not to be left worse for wear. It is therefore emotionally wrenching when a patient and his or her family have to deal with sometimes permanent injuries and disabilities because of a doctor's negligence.

We will advocate for vulnerable motorcyclists

Especially during these summer months, motorcyclists will be traveling the West Virginia roads alongside other passenger vehicles and trucks. Most Morgantown residents would agree, at least in theory, that motorcyclists should of course have the right to do so, and to expect that other drivers will show due caution, care and courtesy around them.