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July 2015 Archives

Holding fatigued truck drivers accountable for accidents

As a recent post on this blog discussed, fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as drunk or drugged driving. A tired truck driver who chooses to keep driving despite needing or even being legally required to rest poses a hazard both to himself and to other motorists around him. Particularly on the hilly West Virginia roads, a fatigued truck driver can seriously hurt or kill or Morgantown resident.

Multiple hospital malpractice suits filed against WV facility

A hospital in West Virginia now finds itself in hot water in connection with a doctor that it hired several years ago and who is now the subject of a Department of Justice investigation. Several cardiac patients have filed suit against the hospital, saying that this doctor recommended and then performed cardiac surgeries that were not necessary. Indeed, it seems that the number of cardiac operations that the hospital performed more than tripled during the doctor's tenure at the institution.

What are the signs and causes of driver fatigue?

Last week's post on this blog discussed how truck driver fatigue is a serious threat to West Virginia motorists, which is, unfortunately, all too common. However, in light of last week's information, some residents of Morgantown may want to know more about how to identify a fatigued truck driver. This information could help residents prevent serious truck accidents or, if they have already been the victim in an accident, be able to establish a case for liability and appropriate compensation.

Truck driver fatigue a common and serious problem

West Virginia highways have plenty of semi-trucks driving on them both during the day and through the night. Truckers are, after all, under a great deal of pressure to deliver their shipments in a timely fashion, even if it means sacrificing food and sleep. One study confirmed that truck drivers do in fact sacrifice sleep to drive, averaging only five hours of sleep a night while on the road.