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August 2015 Archives

Helping pedestrians injured on WV roads

Last week's post on this blog discussed the tragic death of a philanthropist who spent his time cheering up sick children in West Virginia and other states by dressing up as Batman and traveling around in a Batmobile. Unfortunately, the man died after he exited his disabled vehicle in order to examine it.

Noted volunteer 'Batman' dies on Maryland highway

A man who frequently visited children's hospitals in West Virginia and nearby states died recently following a traffic accident on I-70. His distinctive trademark was that he impersonated the superhero Batman to help cheer up sick and injured children, and he even drove a Batmobile that he had custom made for his work.

Is uninsured motorist coverage required in West Virginia?

Many West Virginia residents know that everyone who drives on our state's roads is supposed to have insurance. This liability insurance is supposed to help a driver pay for any damages that he or she causes in the course of a car accident for which he or she is responsible.

How West Virginia bikers can help prevent a motorcycle accident

Although many motorcycle accidents in West Virginia are certainly not the fault of motorcyclists, there is not a biker in both Morgantown and throughout the state who would not want to avoid a motorcycle accident if possible. While there may be compensation available after a serious accident, no motorcyclist wants to deal with the life-altering consequences of a significant or even permanently debilitating injury.