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September 2015 Archives

Auto accidents: West Virginia has room for improvement

The most recent statistics complied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest that West Virginia has a ways to go with respect to roadway safety. In many categories, the number of fatal West Virginia car accidents far outpaced the national average.

We can help families of those who are killed at work

Last week's post mentioned that often, the families of those who are killed in a workplace accident in West Virginia might be able to file suit for wrongful death, as not all fatal injuries at a workplace necessarily involve an employee. Sometimes, a guest or a customer can die in an accident while in a factory, construction site or some other work environment.

How does the statute of limitations work in med mal cases?

In most cases, residents of West Virginia who have suffered a personal injury because of another person's negligence have only a limited amount of time to sue the other person for compensation. If a Morgantown victim does not do so, then under West Virginia law, they are forever barred from raising their claim.

The 'loss of chance' theory in medical malpractice cases

In all cases of medical malpractice, a Morgantown, West Virginia, patient must prove that their doctor or other trusted medical professional did not exercise a reasonable degree of care and that the professional's failure to do so caused the patient's injury.