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Experienced representation for West Virginia birth injury victims

When a Morgantown resident puts her own and life and the life of her child in the hands of an obstetrician, she is expecting that this doctor will do his or her best to protect both her life and health and the life and health of her baby. While sometimes bad things happen even when a doctor and his or her medical team give the best possible medical care, at other times, a West Virginia family may find itself having to deal with a child who will be disabled for life because a doctor failed to meet the accepted standard of medical care and thereby caused serious birth injuries.

In a perfect world, a doctor would quickly admit that he or she fell short of the standard of care and will do whatever is necessary to make things right. This is rarely the case in the real world, and doctors and their insurance companies will often work to avoid having to admit fault or pay compensation to a family whose child suffered a birth injury because of the doctor's negligence.

Our law office understands that birth injury cases are not always easy and are often aggressively defended. We have experience representing families whose children have suffered a wide range of birth injuries, including catastrophic injuries like brain damage due to a shortage of oxygen during the birthing process.

While we understand that no amount of money can undo the injury, compensation can be very important for a family trying to get on with life after a preventable accident with long-term consequences. We have helped families get payment for medical bills, long-term care and other significant expenses that follow in the wake of a birth injury.

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