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October 2015 Archives

What is the difference between a birth injury and birth defect?

No couple in West Virginia wants to be told that their child has either a birth injury or a birth defect. Although some such conditions are relatively minor and easily cured, others are debilitating and could leave an infant unable to function without special care for the rest of his or her life.

Experienced representation for West Virginia birth injury victims

When a Morgantown resident puts her own and life and the life of her child in the hands of an obstetrician, she is expecting that this doctor will do his or her best to protect both her life and health and the life and health of her baby. While sometimes bad things happen even when a doctor and his or her medical team give the best possible medical care, at other times, a West Virginia family may find itself having to deal with a child who will be disabled for life because a doctor failed to meet the accepted standard of medical care and thereby caused serious birth injuries.

Pesticide maker settles up with feds after deadly accident

A major manufacturer of pesticides that has operations in several states will pay a total of $5.6 million following a fatal workplace accident in West Virginia that left two people dead. The settlement will dispose of allegations that the manufacturer's acts and omissions at the West Virginia plant constituted violations of federal regulations aimed to prevent explosions and other serious chemical accidents.

Clues that show driver fatigue caused an accident

Many tragic West Virginia car accidents happen because a driver was simply too tired to be on the road and wound up falling asleep behind the wheel. While it's bad enough when that driver simply runs off the road, it's even worse when a fatigued driver hits another person's vehicle.