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We can handle the harder truck accident cases

Although many truck accidents in West Virginia have the propensity to be devastating to the driver of a passenger vehicle, not all such accidents in the Morgantown area may be obviously the truck driver's or trucking company's fault.

While it is true that there are flagrant cases of a truck driver's being careless or even reckless on the road, not every truck accident will end in even a ticket being issued to the driver. Moreover, it is a rare day indeed when a truck driver or trucking company will actually come out and admit fault for an accident.

Such cases are those in which our law firm can be of valuable service. When a trucker or company disputes the cause of a serious or deadly truck accident, we go to work investigating the details of the case.

If there is some suspicion that a mechanical failure involving the truck caused the accident, then we will ask for logs and other information that might show negligent truck maintenance on the part of the trucking company.

Also, we will be mindful of the road conditions at the time of the accident. Even if the truck driver observed the posted speed limit, a driver still has an obligation to adjust his or her speed to prevent hydroplaning on a wet road or to prevent losing control of his or her vehicle on a mountainous roadway.

Truckers and the firms that employ them have a vested interest in not being blamed for an accident, especially if the accident is serious. They often have resources that they can tap in order to advocate their interest in court. If you are a victim of a West Virginia truck accident and feel like you can use an advocate on your side in a case, please feel free to explore our website, which has valuable information on the services we offer.

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