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Posts tagged "Wrongful Death"

Pesticide maker settles up with feds after deadly accident

A major manufacturer of pesticides that has operations in several states will pay a total of $5.6 million following a fatal workplace accident in West Virginia that left two people dead. The settlement will dispose of allegations that the manufacturer's acts and omissions at the West Virginia plant constituted violations of federal regulations aimed to prevent explosions and other serious chemical accidents.

We can help families of those who are killed at work

Last week's post mentioned that often, the families of those who are killed in a workplace accident in West Virginia might be able to file suit for wrongful death, as not all fatal injuries at a workplace necessarily involve an employee. Sometimes, a guest or a customer can die in an accident while in a factory, construction site or some other work environment.

We help West Virginians after fatal car crashes

Last week's post discussed the elements of a wrongful death action in West Virginia. The point of the post was that when a loved one dies, Morgantown families have the ability under certain circumstances to seek compensation for their losses.

What are the elements of a wrongful death action?

When someone wrongly kills another person, the criminal justice system represents the interests of society at large, whereas the civil justice system represents the interests of the victims. Both processes refer to the same underlying act, but involve separate standards.

Seeking compensation after a wrongful death

Losing a loved one due to a car accident, medical mishap, defective product or other cases of wrongful death brings immeasurable hardship to the family that is left behind. Assigning a precise monetary value to that loss is impossible. However, survivors deserve the full protection of the law to cushion the financial impact.

My child died from a dog bite. Can I file a wrongful death suit?

Many Virginians own dogs and do their best to keep them away from situations in which someone could get harmed. However, sometimes dogs get loose and attack children playing outside. These dog bites can cause serious injuries or in some cases even death. If your child is killed in a dog attack, can you file a wrongful death lawsuit against the owner? Read on to learn about Virginia's dog bite laws and the legal rights you have.

Fatal car crash kills recent WVU graduate

A car crash can happen at any moment, and people driving in Morgantown need to be vigilant about potential hazards on the road. Even the most conscientious driver could be in an accident due to various circumstances such as weather, the recklessness of other drivers or simply bad fortune. Regardless, any incident on the road could turn into a fatal accident. When there is a wrongful death, the family left behind needs to understand how to proceed when confronted by the numerous issues with a fatal car crash.

WV coal executive pleads not guilty after deadly incident

Workers in West Virginia are aware of the dangers some occupations carry. While some jobs are inherently risky, certain safety measures can be taken by employers to increase safety for employees in the workplace. The mining industry is one that poses many dangers, and if employers do not take the appropriate steps that guard employers from these risks, a fatal work accident could occur.