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Three people dead in West Virginia after head-on collision

Three people died this weekend in a car accident on a West Virginia interstate. The accident was the result of one motorist driving the wrong way down the highway and causing a head-on collision with another vehicle.

Providing motorcyclists with experienced counseling

Finding support after an accident is important for any motorcyclist in West Virginia. When a negligent driver hits your motorcycle or causes you to get into an accident, they have responsibility regarding the accident. A motorcycle or ATV accident can turn dangerous very quickly if a rider is forced off the road or is hit by a negligent driver in a larger vehicle.

State ATV laws for West Virginia

All-terrain vehicles, commonly called ATVs, are meant to be used for off-road use -- but that does not mean that riders do not have rights in an accident that arises from negligence or a faulty part. ATVs can be used for a variety of activities including leisure and hunting. They are not designed for use on paved roads, but an accident can still be from negligence. There are certain legal requirements for ATV riders in the state of West Virginia. What are they?

Motorcyclist injured in West Virginia collision

West Virginia drivers have an obligation to be cognizant of motorcyclists. Not only are bikers in an unprotected vehicle, they can suffer devastating consequences in the event of an accident. An accident can lead to catastrophic injuries including broken bones and impairment of senses. For motorcyclists, an accident with a larger vehicle can put them in the hospital for a significant amount of time.

Sheriff's deputy hurt in Berkeley County crash

An injury from a car crash can happen at any time, whether someone is traveling to or from work or simply going to the grocery store. The terrible facts about a car accident in West Virginia are that they can happen at any time and may be caused by a negligent driver. A car accident can lead to a serious injury that can have significant financial repercussions. A motor vehicle accident can limit mobility, wreck a car and put someone in a serious financial bind if not resolved.

Kanawha County crashes briefly close down roads

A motor vehicle crash can cause significant injuries. From concussions to broken limbs, a severe car crash can put any individual into a hospital bed. A simple negligent driver on the roads can derail the best driver. A West Virginia auto accident can happen suddenly and the results can be traumatic. A crash on the highway can also cause significant damage to other vehicles in the wake of the accident.

Berkeley accident kills two and causes serious injuries to others

One of the difficulties of traveling in a vehicle on the highways is that a crash can be caused by someone else. An inattentive action by another driver can start a chain reaction. Such large motor vehicle accidents can lead to serious injuries, including a spinal cord injury, broken bones and other injuries that may cause significant impairment. West Virginians know that being safe on the roads is an important part of being a driver, but accidents can happen at any time.

Firefighters recommend cautiousness on West Virginia roads

One of the dangerous aspects of being on the road in a lighter vehicle, like a motorcycle, is that an accident can lead to serious bodily injury. Being safe on the roads is important, but there are some dangers, including negligent drivers, that are sometimes unavoidable for West Virginia residents. Poor road conditions can also impact drivers. The winter season can wreak havoc on roads and lead to accidents with serious injuries for even attentive drivers.