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What are the elements of a wrongful death action?

When someone wrongly kills another person, the criminal justice system represents the interests of society at large, whereas the civil justice system represents the interests of the victims. Both processes refer to the same underlying act, but involve separate standards.

Examining the basics of truck accidents

The 1970's blockbuster film "Smokey and the Bandit" and its star, Burt Reynolds, glamorized the truck driving industry in the United States: big, powerful rigs; miles of open roads; independent-minded drivers. However, the daily routine of a truck driver today is much more prosaic, highly regulated and focused on safety.

My child died from a dog bite. Can I file a wrongful death suit?

Many Virginians own dogs and do their best to keep them away from situations in which someone could get harmed. However, sometimes dogs get loose and attack children playing outside. These dog bites can cause serious injuries or in some cases even death. If your child is killed in a dog attack, can you file a wrongful death lawsuit against the owner? Read on to learn about Virginia's dog bite laws and the legal rights you have.

Philippi fire truck in crash that kills three

An accident involving a large truck can be very serious, resulting in severe injuries. Sometimes a serious accident can also result in a death. In West Virginia, a negligent driver can be the cause of the accident in truck collisions. Surviving family members have options after a fatal truck accident.

What happens after a truck crash with a drowsy driver?

If you are involved in an accident involving a truck, getting medical treatment is the first priority. Often accidents involving large vehicles can be severe because of the weight and size of a truck. In West Virginia, truck drivers are responsible for their vehicles. Driving in unwieldy conditions or under impairments can be hazardous. After getting involved in a truck crash with a drowsy driver, there are several things that can take place.

West Virginia cops ticket truck driver for bus accident

A driver who puts other drivers at risk poses harm to the community and to others on the road. In West Virginia, when someone fails to have proper control over their vehicle, they are responsible for the outcome. This can mean financial compensation that can help pay for vehicle damage and injuries incurred. In the event of a truck crash, safety is a priority, especially if children are involved in the accident.

Traffic resumes following I-64 West Virginia accident

A major accident on a highway can put nearby traffic at a standstill. If someone is severely hurt or the crash is a multi-vehicle accident, multiple people may need to be transported to a nearby hospital. Medical care is extremely important for those who are hurt. There are a variety of different injuries that can stem from an accident. Truck accidents can be especially severe for those in smaller vehicles.

West Virginia woman killed in campground accident

A simple accident or inattention can have devastating results, especially if someone is operating a heavy vehicle. When driving or performing potentially risky maneuvers, it's important for the driver to be alert at all times. From campgrounds to city highways in West Virginia, a simple malfunction could lead to a death. Dangerous or defective products can also be responsible for an accident where someone is hurt or killed.

Huntington Librarian killed in I-64 crash

The death of a young person can be devastating for a family and community. Especially in close-knit communities, the loss can have a significant impact. These deaths are even more incomprehensible and frustrating if it is due to a preventable accident.

West Virginia man killed in Martin County accident

The surviving family and loved ones of someone who is killed in an accident suffer a great deal of emotional turmoil. If someone else was responsible for the death due to negligence, a lawsuit may be filed to seek compensation for that loss. In West Virginia, a wrongful death claim can be filed for a wide variety of reasons, from a fatal car crash to dangerous or defective products. Family members can take their case to trial or seek a settlement if they suffer damages from the loss.