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Common error on the road can lead to tragic accidents

A common error that West Virginia motorists may make with respect to maintaining their cars may lead to a tragic accident, and the person who made the mistake in the first place may bear liability for any injuries that are caused by that accident.

Weather can be a dangerous cause of West Virginia car accidents

For the last week news outlets on the East Coast of the United States have been reporting that a major winter storm would arrive and cause major problems for those in its path. With it that storm was anticipated to bring snow, cold and other winter conditions that make getting around on foot or in a vehicle next to impossible. Although weather is often a contributing factor in many car accidents, drivers who endeavor to get behind the wheel during times when natural hazards are present are still responsible for being safe.

What is distracted driving?

West Virginia and other states have had campaigns against distracted driving. Distracted driving can lead to accidents, serious injuries or even death. This can be especially true when drivers are going at top speeds on the highway. However, what does distracted driving mean and what are the implications for drivers who are injured in an accident?

King George wreck kills West Virginia woman

A wreck can change the life of someone and their family forever. From serious injuries to death, it's important to gather as much information as possible when hurt in a car accident. In the wake of a terrible crash, it can be difficult to get a bearing for the situation. In West Virginia, if another driver was negligent and caused an accident, then they may have financial responsibility for any harm caused. The accident victims and their families might thus receive compensation that can help pay for expensive medical treatment, long-term hospital stays and even funeral expenses in the event of a fatal crash.

Motorcyclist injured in West Virginia collision

West Virginia drivers have an obligation to be cognizant of motorcyclists. Not only are bikers in an unprotected vehicle, they can suffer devastating consequences in the event of an accident. An accident can lead to catastrophic injuries including broken bones and impairment of senses. For motorcyclists, an accident with a larger vehicle can put them in the hospital for a significant amount of time.

How Do I Know If My Child Has Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning is a silent killer, lurking in many homes across the nation. If you live in a home built before 1978, you and your children are at risk of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can lead to serious health problems, such as learning disabilities, behavioral problems, mental retardation, stunted growth and hearing impairment. In high doses, lead poisoning can even lead to coma, convulsions and death.

Suit filed following Cabell County car crash

One of the most serious aspects of car accidents is the injuries that they can cause. These can range from minor scrapes to serious long-term harm like a brain injury. The implications can be disastrous for West Virginia victims, leaving them with extreme pain and suffering and emotional and financial loss. Someone who is impaired or not adhering to proper signs on the roads should not be driving, and those who cause a car accident should be held accountable for their actions.

Fatal motorcycle accident kills one in West Virginia

If a motorcyclist gets into an accident, the repercussions can be grave. Typically a motorcycle crash in West Virginia can lead to severe injuries or even death. An injury or death due to negligence by another driver is a serious offense. Compensation can be sought from a negligent party that can help pay for the loss to a family or loved ones. A motorcycle accident can happen because of negligence on the part of another driver who is inattentive while driving on the road.

The Insurance Company Is Not On Your Side

West Virginia law requires all registered vehicles to be insured. However, some people try to skirt around the law and drive without insurance. What happens if you collide with a driver who has no auto insurance? Or if you are involved in a hit-and-run and cannot identify the driver? Will you have to pay out of pocket for all related expenses?