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Postsurgical Analgesics: How They Can Hurt and Kill

Sometimes worrying about the pain following surgery can be even more nerve-racking than undergoing the surgery itself. Pain-relief medications, also known as analgesics, can be vital to a patient's recovery after a surgical procedure and can make severe pain more bearable. Opioid medications such as morphine and Dilaudid (also called hydromorphone) are commonly prescribed postsurgical analgesics. While these drugs can greatly reduce pain symptoms during recovery, if taken incorrectly, they can seriously harm or even kill patients.

White Collar Crimes

No matter how glamorous white collar crimes appear in the movies, this category of crime is not spectacular. Competent defense when charged with fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, extortion, and a much longer list of white collar crimes is essential. These types of crimes usually involve a lengthy trial process and are emotionally grueling on the accused. Attorneys who are familiar with defense of these crimes work to negotiate lesser sentences or exoneration of the charges for you.

What a Deliberate Workplace Injury Means for Damages

A recent article highlighting the 16 most dangerous jobs in America serves as a reminder of the importance of workers' compensation. The benefit of West Virginia's workers' compensation statute is that when employees are injured on the job, they are entitled by law to receive certain compensation for their injuries. The trade-off of this assured benefit is that the employer cannot be sued for negligence.

The Many Sizes, Shapes & Forms Of Personal Injuries

Injuries can be immediately apparent or can take time to materialize. We can be injured through the fault of another person, a company or even a healthcare provider. Products purchased for everyday use can be harmful if they were manufactured incorrectly or are marketed improperly. Jobsite and construction zones also offer opportunities to get hurt. No matter what the injury, it is important to get treatment. Compensation for that treatment is available from the responsible party.

Limits On Liability For Negligent Doctors

Entering a medical facility for any procedure is scary. While patients put their trust in medical professionals every day, there are often unknown risks. The flip side to this is that care providers do their best to prevent accidents. The rising cost of healthcare has everyone on edge, including physicians.

What You Don't Know Can Kill You

When you are experiencing medical problems, you expect a doctor to properly treat and diagnose your condition. Unfortunately, thousands of patients suffer each year because of medical misdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses. A doctor's error in diagnosis could lead to improper treatment, delayed treatment or no treatment at all. In these cases, what you don't know can kill you.

What To Do After Being Arrested For A White-Collar Crime

If you have been arrested for a financially motivated, non-violent crime committed for monetary gain, chances are you are involved in a white-collar crime. Fraud, embezzlement, bribery, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, money laundering and identity theft are common white-collar crimes. Most alleged white-collar criminals involve persons of high respectability and high incomes.

How Do I Know If My Child Has Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning is a silent killer, lurking in many homes across the nation. If you live in a home built before 1978, you and your children are at risk of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can lead to serious health problems, such as learning disabilities, behavioral problems, mental retardation, stunted growth and hearing impairment. In high doses, lead poisoning can even lead to coma, convulsions and death.

Basic Boating Safety

A fun day on the water can turn deadly when operators and passengers do not take proper precautions. Young, inexperienced operators and those who operate a vessel while intoxicated or impaired tend to cause the most accidents. People become inattentive while driving or do not look out properly. Are you being safe while boating?

The Scary Truth About Motorcycle Dangers

The wind whipping through your hair, the rush of the open road - it's no wonder people love riding motorcycles. While bikers are generally aware that motorcycles are dangerous, many don't know just how hazardous they really are.