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My child died from a dog bite. Can I file a wrongful death suit?

Many Virginians own dogs and do their best to keep them away from situations in which someone could get harmed. However, sometimes dogs get loose and attack children playing outside. These dog bites can cause serious injuries or in some cases even death. If your child is killed in a dog attack, can you file a wrongful death lawsuit against the owner? Read on to learn about Virginia's dog bite laws and the legal rights you have.

Fatal car crash kills recent WVU graduate

A car crash can happen at any moment, and people driving in Morgantown need to be vigilant about potential hazards on the road. Even the most conscientious driver could be in an accident due to various circumstances such as weather, the recklessness of other drivers or simply bad fortune. Regardless, any incident on the road could turn into a fatal accident. When there is a wrongful death, the family left behind needs to understand how to proceed when confronted by the numerous issues with a fatal car crash.

WV coal executive pleads not guilty after deadly incident

Workers in West Virginia are aware of the dangers some occupations carry. While some jobs are inherently risky, certain safety measures can be taken by employers to increase safety for employees in the workplace. The mining industry is one that poses many dangers, and if employers do not take the appropriate steps that guard employers from these risks, a fatal work accident could occur.

West Virginia man killed in Martin County accident

The surviving family and loved ones of someone who is killed in an accident suffer a great deal of emotional turmoil. If someone else was responsible for the death due to negligence, a lawsuit may be filed to seek compensation for that loss. In West Virginia, a wrongful death claim can be filed for a wide variety of reasons, from a fatal car crash to dangerous or defective products. Family members can take their case to trial or seek a settlement if they suffer damages from the loss.

Brushfork accident results in two children killed

When an accident due to negligence results in the death of a loved one, it can be a very trying time for family members. A wrongful death is something that no family wants to go through. But, when someone is killed as the result of negligence, family members may be able to recoup medical expenses, funeral costs or lost earnings. From inattentive driving to driving inappropriately on hazardous roadways, drivers have a responsibility to be held accountable if they cause an accident.

Fatal workplace accident kills man working in West Virginia

A West Virginia industrial accident claimed the life of a worker employed by a firm that was in a contractual relationship with a gas production company. The man was working at a well site where natural gas is extracted from the ground. As the worker was alone at the time, there were no other injuries.

Fatal accident kills WV toddler; are caregivers to blame?

A West Virginia toddler died when he climbed on top of a stove. Apparently, the stove was not secured to the wall, and it fell on the child, crushing him. The child's grandmother and her boyfriend were asleep at the time. Another child who was also climbing on the stove sustained scratches but no significant injuries.

West Virginia plaintiffs' defective complaint allowed

Injured people in West Virginia may elect to try to resolve their personal injury cases themselves. In fact, they even have the right to go to court themselves and file their own documents. However, as even some attorneys discover, either not knowing or simply not following the complicated procedural rules of the courts in West Virginia can result in serious consequences that may derail an otherwise perfectly legitimate personal injury case.

Tragic fatal accident with train kills several wounded vets

Many of our readers in West Virginia may already by following the tragic accident in another part of the country that killed several wounded combat veterans and injured many others, one critically. It serves as a painful reminder that one of the factors that creates hazardous roadways is having to share those roads with trains.

Hit-and-run driver sought in WV fatal motorcycle crash

The grieving family of a motorcyclist who died in West Virginia following a hit-and-run is offering an award of $10,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the unknown driver who left the scene of the fatal motorcycle crash. Police are also looking for the vehicle and its driver; police describe the vehicle as a dark green Honda CR-V, possibly a 2000 or 2001 model. Police say that the vehicle has damage on the back driver's side of the car.