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Common error on the road can lead to tragic accidents

A common error that West Virginia motorists may make with respect to maintaining their cars may lead to a tragic accident, and the person who made the mistake in the first place may bear liability for any injuries that are caused by that accident.

West Virginia addicts may be able to sue their doctors

The West Virginia Supreme Court recently held that drug addicts, at least in theory, may be able to sue their doctors or pharmacists for damages caused by their drug addiction. The logic appears to be that a doctor's mistake in prescribing a drug that is addictive can lead, or at least contribute, to the unnecessary emotional and physical demise of a person.

We help West Virginians after fatal car crashes

Last week's post discussed the elements of a wrongful death action in West Virginia. The point of the post was that when a loved one dies, Morgantown families have the ability under certain circumstances to seek compensation for their losses.

Examining the basics of truck accidents

The 1970's blockbuster film "Smokey and the Bandit" and its star, Burt Reynolds, glamorized the truck driving industry in the United States: big, powerful rigs; miles of open roads; independent-minded drivers. However, the daily routine of a truck driver today is much more prosaic, highly regulated and focused on safety.

When do medical mistakes become medical malpractice?

Thousands of patients undergo medical procedures every day in West Virginia. Most occur without a hitch, but sadly, not all of them are as problem free. Some involve medical errors. Not every medical error, however, amounts to medical malpractice. So what exactly is medical malpractice?

Traffic accident severely injures motorcyclist in Barboursville.

There's nothing like the rush of riding a motorcycle on an open highway. Unfortunately, that freedom and exposure to the elements also puts motorcyclists at much greater risk in accidents. One West Virginia man found this out the hard way recently.

Car ride turns into lawsuit for two West Virginia acquaintances

They shared a car ride that ended in a terrible accident. Now, these West Virginia acquaintances will share a courtroom: one as the plaintiff in a negligence lawsuit; the other as the defendant.

What determines 'negligence' in car accidents?

What separates a simple accident from negligence may seem like a technical legal issue. But for West Virginia car accident victims, it can mean the difference between getting the other party to pay for damages and injuries or bearing those costs alone.

Seeking compensation after a wrongful death

Losing a loved one due to a car accident, medical mishap, defective product or other cases of wrongful death brings immeasurable hardship to the family that is left behind. Assigning a precise monetary value to that loss is impossible. However, survivors deserve the full protection of the law to cushion the financial impact.