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Car ride turns into lawsuit for two West Virginia acquaintances

They shared a car ride that ended in a terrible accident. Now, these West Virginia acquaintances will share a courtroom: one as the plaintiff in a negligence lawsuit; the other as the defendant.

Kanawha County crashes briefly close down roads

A motor vehicle crash can cause significant injuries. From concussions to broken limbs, a severe car crash can put any individual into a hospital bed. A simple negligent driver on the roads can derail the best driver. A West Virginia auto accident can happen suddenly and the results can be traumatic. A crash on the highway can also cause significant damage to other vehicles in the wake of the accident.

Berkeley accident kills two and causes serious injuries to others

One of the difficulties of traveling in a vehicle on the highways is that a crash can be caused by someone else. An inattentive action by another driver can start a chain reaction. Such large motor vehicle accidents can lead to serious injuries, including a spinal cord injury, broken bones and other injuries that may cause significant impairment. West Virginians know that being safe on the roads is an important part of being a driver, but accidents can happen at any time.

Two dead, 12 injured in 49-vehicle West Virginia crash

West Virginia was hit with an unusually harsh and long winter this year, with ice and snow hitting the state well into March. All this made for difficult driving conditions and many accidents.

West Virginia turnpike opens up lanes after crash

A crash on the roads can shut down lanes for hours or days, depending on the severity of the accident. When you are involved in an auto accident, it's important to get your bearings and attend to any medical needs. Even something as simple as an aching limb or back can have long-term repercussions. When you are in a car accident, it's important to assess what happened and determine if you will need compensation while you recuperate.

West Virginia woman sues company's driver after auto accident

Negligent driving encompasses a wide variety of behaviors, all of which can lead to an accident. It is important to determine if someone is at fault for the accident and whether he or she is liable for damages. Those compensatory damages can be used to pay for injuries suffered, vehicle damage and lost income. The heart of the matter lies at the intersection of fault and negligence. When drivers exhibit negligence such as speeding, they may be liable for damages if their excess speed causes a serious auto accident.

West Virginia driver runs red light, causes injurious accident

Being attentive and cautious behind the wheel can decrease the risk of having a Car accident. However, no matter how safe a driver is, she cannot prevent the actions of a negligent or distracted driver. When these errant drivers make mistakes, another motorist can be dealt a serious injury that can render life painful and difficult.

Driver turns in front of oncoming vehicle, injures four

Everyone knows driving can be dangerous. A drunk, negligent, or distracted driver can make a deadly mistake in the blink of an eye. Those who are fortunate enough to survive these tragic accidents may suffer a serious injury that leaves them debilitated and in need of long-term care. Even those who receive minor injuries could face hospital bills, missed work, and pain. Several West Virginians may be facing these hardships after an auto accident in Logan County.

Multiple motor vehicle accident injures 1 in West Virginia

Every year thousands of motorists are killed in fatal automobile accidents. Tens of thousands more are injured. While many car accidents lack blame, other car accidents are caused by negligence. Negligence is a legal concept that refers to an individual's failure to fulfill a duty owed to another. When this occurs, the injured party can seek to recover damages.

Prosecutor avoids criminal charge for role in auto accident

West Virginia residents may know that no matter how carefully one drives, through no fault of their own they can become severely injured in an accident with a distracted driver. When this happens, victims may be able to pursue compensation from those responsible for the accident.